Garmisch Baptist Church began in 2004 as a mission work of Rheinland Baptist Church in Landstuhl, Germany. Pastor Johnson, who was on staff as a missionary at Rheinland, was given a burden for the Garmisch area which became a call to begin a work here. Praise the Lord, we were able to find a place to meet in the center of Garmisch just a few months ago and are now working from that location.

Like many new works in Europe, it is taking time to get the work grounded and growing, but we are trusting the Lord to build His work, in His time, and in His way. The Lord gave us His plan for evangelizing the lost and growing the saved. He established the local church through whch this is to be done. The Message he gave us is the Gospel and the authority for doctrine God intends for the church Holy Bible. We are, as the Lord would have it, planting this work according the methods God gave us to employ.

Thank you for your prayers and consideration. We will be updating this page with notes about the progress of the work as we go along.

God Bless!